Synonyms MCQ-48

God is the sole arbiter of our fate.

(A) mediator
(B) decision-maker
(C) arbitrator
(D) judge

The volcano suddenly became active and began to belch smoke and fire.

(A) eructate
(B) blow out
(C) eject
(D) emit

A ferocious bull bunted a man down on the ground.

(A) chased
(B) butted
(C) pushed with its head
(D) hanged on its horns

His career has reached its climax.

(A) pinnacle
(B) plateau
(C) climacteric
(D) zenith

Condole with someone aggrieved with counterfeit grief.

(A) mock
(B) fraudulent
(C) ersatz
(D) sham

He could not get a job yet due to his desultory attempt.

(A) distressing
(B) fitful
(C) consistent
(D) pertinent

Moneylenders charge exorbitant interests on loans.

(A) prevailing
(B) usurious
(C) fair
(D) unusual

He is indifferent towards politics.

(A) attracted
(B) unconcerned
(C) concerned
(D) similar

He does his job in perfunctory manner.

(A) professional
(B) functional
(C) indifferent
(D) diligent

She took out frozen stuff from the refrigerator and kept on the table to let it thaw.

(A) warm
(B) deliquesce
(C) melt
(D) freeze

He has great affinityfor sweets.

(A) adherence
(B) predilection
(C) affectation
(D) attraction

He is my arch rival.

(A) cunning
(B) sly
(C) mischievous
(D) chief

His trembling hands belied his calm voice.

(A) lied down
(B) falsified
(C) contrasted
(D) controlled

A small town burgeoned into a city within a decade.

(A) bloomed
(B) spurted
(C) grew
(D) became big

He was happy to have clinched a business deal.

(A) grasped
(B) clasped
(C) secured
(D) bit

It was a crass misrepresentation of facts.

(A) gross
(B) delicate
(C) shameless
(D) boorish

He detected a thief lurking behind the house in the dark.

(A) descried
(B) discovered
(C) overlooked
(D) missed

He ordered his staff to expedite the work.

(A) hasten
(B) move
(C) procrastinate
(D) ensnare

This plant is indigenous to India.

(A) autochthonous
(B) aboriginal
(C) alien
(D) natural

Mountaineering is a perilous adventure.

(A) injurious
(B) risky
(C) safe
(D) disadvantageous