Synonyms MCQ-29

He is adept in the art of origami.

(A) ignorant
(B) clumsy
(C) expert
(D) recall

The government offered amnesty if the rebels lay down arms.

(A) permission
(B) pardon
(C) forgetfulness
(D) ignorance

The babel in the meeting made it impossible to understand who is telling what.

(A) noisy confusion
(B) noisy uproar
(C) chattering
(D) noise

His eyes became bleary with tears.

(A) blurred
(B) filled
(C) dim
(D) blotted

He was handed over a carte blanche in a deal for his piece of land.

(A) signed document
(B) signed blank cheque
(C) white paper
(D) full authority

He conceded defeat in the election even as the counting was halfway.

(A) counted
(B) agreed
(C) surrendered
(D) admitted

Deciduous trees take on new leaves annually.

(A) permanent
(B) shedding
(C) evergreen
(D) eternal

Diurnal cacophony on city roads subsides in late evening.

(A) daytime
(B) nocturnal
(C) daily
(D) morning

Germane facts were collected to reach the conclusion.

(A) genuine
(B) relevant
(C) inept
(D) inapt

The holiday was marred by bad weather.

(A) damaged
(B) impaired
(C) spoilt
(D) enhanced

Many a tribal society is still mired in primitive traditions.

(A) primary
(B) pristine
(C) old
(D) modern

He earns adequate to meet his expenses.

(A) sufficient
(B) superfluous
(C) enough
(D) just equal to the requirement

He became amorous of her on the very first look.

(A) enamoured
(B) infatuated
(C) passionate
(D) loving

The dissidents’ plan to attack the policies of the party backfired.

(A) rebounded
(B) boomeranged
(C) recoiled
(D) returned

One-year discontinuity in his studies became a blemish on his career.

(A) blame
(B) blot
(C) defect
(D) flaw

Oligopoly is fraught with cartel formation to fleece the consumers.

(A) association
(B) group
(C) business nexus
(D) pricing

A brief spell of good performance filled the player with conceit.

(A) humility
(B) arrogance
(C) vanity
(D) over-estimation

He is a man of decisive actions

(A) determining
(B) determined
(C) conclusive
(D) prevaricat

Social and cultural diversity is the uniqueness of our countery.

(A) divergence
(B) dis-similarity
(C) difference
(D) uniformity

Giant stature of a woman makes her unattractive.

(A) great
(B) monstrous
(C) huge
(D) petite