Synonyms MCQ-34

Docile workers readily follow the instructions.

(A) submissive
(B) meek
(C) intractable
(D) stubborn

He is sitting with glum face.

(A) morose
(B) dark
(C) sorrowful
(D) cheerful

Mostly the non-government organizations, though they profess to work for poor people, yet are mercenary.

(A) profit-seeking
(B) venal
(C) voluntary
(D) dishonest

A precocious child possesses prodigious talent.

(A) extra-ordinarily marvelous
(B) commonplace
(C) proven
(D) progressing

His house is adjacent to mine.

(A) contiguous
(B) added
(C) attached
(D) beside

People want to get ample supply of tap-water in their houses.

(A) adequate
(B) abundant
(C) overflowing
(D) profuse

The dispute engendered bad blood between rivals.

(A) enmity
(B) hostility
(C) animosity
(D) bloody war

Career promotion has bloated his ego.

(A) expanded
(B) distended
(C) puffed
(D) inflated

Castor wheels enable the trolley move in all the directions.

(A) rotating
(B) swiveling
(C) casted
(D) small

He is quick to concoct an excuse for not fulfilling his commitment.

(A) mix up
(B) juggle
(C) imagine
(D) cook

Dedicated workers are the assets of a company.

(A) devoted
(B) sacrificing
(C) dallying
(D) trifling

Pet is a domesticated animal.

(A) domestic
(B) tamed
(C) household
(D) wild

His social service brought glory to her.

(A) wonder
(B) fame
(C) grace
(D) obloquy

He is meticulous about his physical appearance.

(A) finical
(B) fearful
(C) methodical
(D) careless

Harsh retort by the son ruffled his father.

(A) upset
(B) untidied
(C) smoothed
(D) soothed

The parliament session was adjorned sine die.

(A) suspended
(B) postponed
(C) deferred
(D) without fixing the date of reconvening

She was amused by the children’s conversation.

(A) excited
(B) pleased
(C) aroused
(D) happy

Offers of discount are favorite baits to lure customers employed by sellers.

(A) ploys
(B) traps
(C) ruse
(D) hooks

Campaign against corruption proved to be blockbuster.

(A) explosive
(B) highly effective
(C) deadly
(D) useful

He went out to the market dressed in his casuals.

(A) occasional dress
(B) irregular dress
(C) informal dress
(D) usual dress