Synonyms MCQ-37

His misdemeanour earned his father’s anathema.

(A) loath
(B) hate
(C) dislike
(D) imprecation

He banged the door open in anger.

(A) stroke
(B) blew
(C) slammed
(D) threw

Bonafides of this person is suspect.

(A) good behaviour
(B) goodness
(C) faithfulness
(D) truth

He is a man of catholic taste.

(A) Christian
(B) liberal
(C) broad-minded
(D) whole

He confined himself in the house the whole day.

(A) limited
(B) enclosed
(C) immured
(D) restricted

Deficitin money withheld the work on the project.

(A) flaw
(B) shortage
(C) want
(D) surplus

It is our weakness to run after earthly pleasure.

(A) divine
(B) mundane
(C) ordinary
(D) worthless

The group, though looked cohesive, lacked harmony.

(A) symmetry
(B) melody
(C) concord
(D) discord

Rejected by voters in the election, many small parties are in moribund state.

(A) discarded
(B) dying
(C) vivacious
(D) closure

The chief organizer delivered his salutatory speech.

(A) valedictory
(B) welcoming
(C) favorable
(D) beneficial

The grand old man adored his grandchildren.

(A) loved
(B) liked fervently
(C) worshipped
(D) disliked

Her presence animatedthe party.

(A) enlivened
(B) stimulated
(C) energized
(D) fortified

The guests were banqueted to sumptuous menu.

(A) honoured
(B) feasted
(C) regaled
(D) partied

Reduction in the rates of income tax was a bonanza granted by the government to the tax payers.

(A) bonus
(B) good gain
(C) windfall
(D) favours

Boatman caulked the seams between jointed planks.

(A) watertight
(B) closed
(C) filled the gap
(D) nagging

His property was confiscated so that the banks’ loans could be cleared.

(A) seized
(B) appropriated
(C) distrain
(D) forfeited

The defiled house was stinking.

(A) impure
(B) sullied
(C) impured
(D) immaculate

His egotism has alienated all his friends.

(A) egoism
(B) self-conceit
(C) humility
(D) selfishness

A hasty decision usually makes one repentant.

(A) precipitate
(B) testy
(C) deliberate
(D) quick

His death was mourned by his colleagues.

(A) deplored
(B) lamented
(C) remembered
(D) rejoiced