Synonyms MCQ-28

Our plan to stage protest against the government went awry.

(A) askew
(B) distorted
(C) lopsided
(D) crooked

Their faces blazed with enthusiasm.

(A) fired
(B) gleamed
(C) burnt
(D) glowed

He is fond of carnal pleasure.

(A) corporal
(B) corporeal
(C) sensual
(D) human

He comports himself with utmost dignity.

(A) reports
(B) supports
(C) deports
(D) conducts

Health gradually decays in old age.

(A) rots
(B) degenerates
(C) decomposes
(D) flourishes

Distinction in height helps us identify the twins.

(A) clarity
(B) confusion
(C) difference
(D) resemblance

Gaudy decor looks vulgar.

(A) showy
(B) garish
(C) immodest
(D) sober

Malign people in high position without substance.

(A) vilify
(B) abuse
(C) praise
(D) despise

He is a practical politician.

(A) sensible
(B) unwise
(C) practicing
(D) practicable

He tried to adduce a forgotten matter by jogging his forehead with his finger.

(A) deduce
(B) to take out from memory
(C) recollect
(D) recall

I think something is amiss in your plan.

(A) missing
(B) wrong
(C) astry
(D) offending

His non-stop babble is annoying.

(A) utterance
(B) chatter
(C) murmur
(D) humming

His pioneering research blazed the trail in the field of space science.

(A) fired
(B) triggered
(C) showed the new path
(D) led

Stinking carrion lying on the road nauseated the passers-by.

(A) garbage
(B) dead body
(C) rot
(D) vegetables

His comprehension of physics is amazing.

(A) doubt
(B) understanding
(C) dislike
(D) vast knowledge

She has acquired reputation for deceit.

(A) deception
(B) fraud
(C) honesty
(D) distortion

The boy was reading the story of a damsel in distress.

(A) agony
(B) comfort
(C) danger
(D) safety

Kids were frolicking in gayspirit.

(A) miserable
(B) jolly
(C) wanton
(D) showy

He is suffering from malignant tumour.

(A) malevolent
(B) malicious
(C) pernicious
(D) benign

Job tenure in private companies is precarious.

(A) secure
(B) unsure because of depending on other’s mercy
(C) unsteady
(D) dangerous