Synonyms MCQ-45

Adversaries always tend to exaggerate one’s weakness.

(A) extenuate
(B) magnify
(C) overstate
(D) extend

A country is left impoverished by war it fights.

(A) reduced to poverty
(B) bereft
(C) enriched
(D) poor

He paraded his medal and prizes proudly.

(A) marched
(B) flaunted
(C) concealed
(D) promenaded

The voluble spokesman kept on speaking to the chagrin of the listeners.

(A) succinct
(B) verbose
(C) strident
(D) loud

He is actuated by selfish motives.

(A) incited
(B) motivated
(C) impelled
(D) driven

He was terrified by ghostly apparitions in sleep.

(A) appearance
(B) phantom
(C) wraith
(D) spirit

He begrudged his friend getting the award.

(A) envied
(B) reluctantly accepted
(C) resented
(D) coveted

I won’t brook interference in my work.

(A) suffer
(B) tolerate
(C) allow
(D) brood

He cited the rules in his defence.

(A) saw
(B) quoted
(C) censure
(D) commendation

This locality is dotted with contiguous houses.

(A) closely situated
(B) continuous
(C) touching
(D) dirty

One earnestly desires to join family get-together in festivals.

(A) yearns
(B) craves
(C) solicits
(D) loathes

He was exzalted to venerable position by the people.

(A) elevated
(B) depreciated
(C) downgraded
(D) praisesd

The boy got punishment for his impudent behaviour.

(A) bold
(B) arrogant
(C) brazen
(D) courteous

Checking corruption in the country is paramount.

(A) supreme
(B) most important
(C) unimportant
(D) superior

Only a few lucky ones could survive in the disaster.

(A) succor
(B) remain alive
(C) succumb
(D) win

He is endowed with remarkable acumen in business matters.

(A) acuteness
(B) discernment
(C) insight
(D) sharpness

Politicians have un satiated appetite for power.

(A) desire
(B) need
(C) hunger
(D) craving

He is used to beguile lazy afternoon with reading good books.

(A) pass pleasantly
(B) while away
(C) fleet
(D) waste away

He quickly browsed the shelf for something to read.

(A) looked cursorily
(B) inspected
(C) searched
(D) peeped

They clamoured their demands in the meeting.

(A) shouted
(B) claimed
(C) forced
(D) announced