Science Physics MCQ-163

General Science-Physics Practice Questions for CivilsPrelims, SSC, UPPSC, RBI, CDS, UPSC, NDA, JPSC Exams

An air bubble in water shines because of the phenomenon of:


Rising or setting sun appears to be reddish because:


A sextant is used to measure :


In the human eye the focusing is done by :


A man cannot see distant objects distinctly at a distance less than 3 metre. He is suffering from :


A man cannot see objects distinctly at a distance less than I metre. He is suffering from :


The disease of astigmatism in human eye is because of:


A disorder of vision in which lines in one plane of an object appear in focus while those in another plane are out of focus is called :


Myopia is due to :


A cylindrical lens is required to correct:


The ability of eye to focus the near as well as distant objects is called:


Light year is a unit of:


Which of the following statement is wrong?


Choose the correct statement(s) related to the properties of images formed by a plane mirror:


If the cover of a book looks red when seen through a piece of red glass, then the cover will look like:


When seen in green light, the saffron and green colours will appear to be :


A green leaf placed in a dark room is illuminated by red light. The leaf appears


Optical fibres are related with :


Brilliance of diamond is due to :


For a glass slab, the deviation produced :


Identify the correct definition of prism :


Colour of sky appears blue because ;


The nature of light which is verified by the interference event is :


The refractive index of a given piece of transparent quartz is the greatest for:


The ratio of refractive index of red light to blue light in air is :