Science Physics MCQ-173

General Science-Physics Practice Questions for RBI, UPPSC, CivilsPrelims, SSC, NDA, UPSC, CDS, DelhiPolice Exams

The nature of sun’s spectrum is


In a compound microscope cross wires are fixed at the point


The magnifying power of a compound microscope increases when;


Angular separation between two colours of the spectrum depends upon


Blue colour of the sky is consequence of


Young’s experiment established that


To obtain a sustained interference pattern, we require two sources which emit radiation of


Colours of thin films are due to


When viewed in white light, soap bubbles show colours because of


The phenomenon of interference is shown by


The transverse nature of light is shown by


Which mirror is to be used to obtain a parallel beam of light from a small lamp ?


Longirudinal waves do not exhibit


Which of the following cannot be polarized


Optically active substances are those substances which


Laser lights considered to be coherent because it consists of


In the interference pattern, energy is


Two sources of wave are called coherent if


Why does a tower appear larger and larger to a person approaching it ?

(1) The angle subtended by the tower at the eye increases.
(2) The focal length of Eye lens increases
(3) The size of the image of the retina of eye increases.

Select the correct answer using the code given above :


Two plane mirrors are inclined at an angle x to one another. A ray of light incident on the first mirror and parallel to the second mirror is reflected from the second mirror parallel to the first mirror. What is the value of x ?


Which one of the following statements is correct ?

In an astronomical telescope of refracting type.


The refractive index of a medium is ? Which one of the following is correct ?


An explosion takes place on the surface of moon. An astronaut at some distance from the site of explosion will


The angle of elevation of a cloud is 30 0 . A thunder is heard 4 seconds after the lightening is observed. What is the vertical height of the cloud (speed of sound is 330 m/s)


In the human eye, the focusing is done by