Science Physics MCQ-164

General Science-Physics MCQ test for UPPSC, SSC, NDA, RBI, CivilsPrelims, UPSC, CDS, DelhiPolice Exams

Ultrasonic waves are those waves which


With the rise of temperature, the speed of sound in a gas


Transverse waves can propagate


Which one of the following is the correct sequence of wavelengths of radiations?


SONAR is based on the principle of


Polarization in electromagnetic wave is caused by


What frequency range of EM waves are used for commercial FM radio?


Why is sound heard with more intensity through C02 than through the air?


The wavelength of X-rays is of the order of


Some common mediums in which_. speed of sound waves is measured are mentioned below.
1. Air
2. Steel
3. Copper
4. Water What is the correct increasing order of the speed of sound?


Speed of electromagnetic wave is the same


Sound moves with higher velocity if


Radar waves are sent towards a moving aero plane and the reflected waves are received. When the aero plane is moving towards the radar, the wavelength of the wave


Consider the following statements
1 . Microwave ovens are used for cooking purposes .
2 . Microwaves are used in Radar system for aircraft navigation .
3 . A radar using microwave can help in detecting the seed of tennis ball, cricket ball, automobile while in motion .
Which of the statements given above are correct?


The quality of a musical note depends upon


Match List I (Electromagnetic Wave) with List II (Discoverer) and select the correct answer using the codes given below
List I List II
A . Infrared waves 1 . Bitter
B . Ultraviolet rays 2 . Newton
C . X-rays 3 . Herschell
D . Visible rays 4 . W .Roentgen


A wave undergoes reflection from a rigid boundary. One of its characteristic parameters that changes is


X-rays are used for the study of crystal structure because


An echo will be heard if the minimum distance between the source of sound and obstacle is


Which of the following types of wave is used by computed tomography employed for visualization of the internal structure of human body?


Consider the following statements
1. A flute of smaller length produces waves of lower frequency.
2. Sound travels in rocks in the form of longitudinal elastic waves only.
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


Assertion (A) Radio waves bend in a magnetic field.
Reason (R) Radio waves are electromagnetic in nature.


The light wave is


The technique used to transmit audio signals in television broadcasts is


When a stone is dropped on the surface of still water, the waves produced are