Science Physics MCQ-181

General Science-Physics Questions for Civils Prelims,UPSC,SSC,RRB,NDA Exams

When air is saturated, it cannot hold


If RH is high


A fan produces a feeling of comfort during hot weather because


Device used to measure very high temperature is


A solid metal ball has a spherical cavity. If the ball is heated, the volume of the cavity will


A metal sheet with circular hole is heated. The hole will


The relation between volume and temperature of a sample of water in the range O0 C to 1000 C is best represented by


If a bimetallic strip is heated it will


A bimetal made copper and iron strips welded together is straight at room temperature. It is held vertically with iron strip towards left and copper strip towards right, if this bimetal is heated, it will


A metal ball is being weighed in a liquid whose temperature is raised continuously. Then the apparent weight of the ball


When water is heated from O0 C to 100 C, its volume


A sealed container contains helium gas at 300 K. If it is heated to 600 K the average kinetic energy of the helium atoms


A gas is enclosed in a container which is then placed on -a fast moving train. The temperature of the gas


When an ideal gas under goes an isothermal expansion, the pressure of the gas in the enclosure falls. This is due to T&T


The pressure exerted on the walls of the container by s H gas is due to the fact that the gas molecules


Pressure exerted by gas is


A gas behaves as an ideal gas more closely at


Temperature can be expressed as a derived quantity in terms of


At a given volume and temperature, the pressure of a gas


The product of the pressure and volume of an ideal gas is


For an ideal gas the inter particle interaction is


The first law of thermodynamics is concerned with the conservation of


Heat given to an ideal gas under isothermal conditions is used


Two samples A and B of the same mass of a gas, initially at the same pressure, temperature and volume are compressed to half the original volume. A isothermally and B adiabatically. The final pressure of A is


In an isothermal expansion of a gas