Science Physics MCQ-186

General Science-Physics objective Quiz for UPPSC, CDS, UPSC, CivilsPrelims, NDA, SSC, DelhiPolice, RBI Exams

An observer moves towards a stationary plane mirror at a speed of 1 m/s. His image will move towards him at a speed of


An seen from the earth, which planet appears the brightest at night?


Angular displacement is


As the train starts moving, a man sitting inside leans backwards because of


Asteroids are a group of small objects revolving round the sun between the orbits of the planets


Astronauts in a capsule which is in a stable orbit around the earth are in ‘weightless’ condition. The reason for this is that


Astronomical distance are expressed in a unit called


At high altitudes, it is difficult to cook eggs or vegetables properly because of


Atmospheric pressure is measured by using an instrument called


Average density of the earth


Banking of curves is done to provide


Bats can fly in the dark because


Blue of the sky is due to


Bohr’s model for the hydrogen atom led to the conclusion that the radii of the stationary state orbits are


Both a Celsius and a Fahrenheit thermometer give the same reading at a particular temperature. What is that temperature?


Burns caused by steam are more severe than those caused by boiling water because


By what percentage should the pressure of a given mass of gas be increased so as to decrease its volume by 10% at a constant temperature?


By what process is heat transmitted from the filament of an evacuated electric bulb to the glass?


A body of mass 2 kg moving with a velocity of 3 ms -1 collides head on with a body of mass 1 kg moving with a velocity of 4 ms -1 in the opposite direction. After collision, the two bodies stick together and move with a common velocity which in the units ms -1 is equal to


Two racing cars of masses m1 and m, are moving in circles of a radii r 1 and r 2 respectively. Their speeds are such that each make a complete circle in the same length of time t . The ratio of the angular speed of the first to the second car is


The velocity of a body depends on time according to the equation v = 20 + 1 f. The body is undergoing


1 A fly wheel is in the form of solid circular 1 wheel of mass 72 kg and radius of 5 m and I it takes 70 rpm then the energy of revolution


In a satellite, if the time of revolution is T, then KE is proportional to


The initial velocity of a particle is w(at t = 0) and the acceleration f is given by a.t. Which of the following relations is valid?


By which process do we get the heat from the sun, most of the space between the sun and the earth being vacuum?