Science Physics MCQ-161

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The electron emitted in beta radiation originates from


Pick out the statement which is true


Energy transferred to a person through gamma rays is measured in units of


Neutrino is a particle which


The fusion of hydrogen into helium is more likely to take place


In nuclear fission, the percentage of mass converted into energy is about


A good moderator should


Energy generation in stars is mainly due to


When 15 P30 decays to become 14 Si28 the particle released is :


In the following reaction:
12Mg24+2He4 ———


In the following nuclear reaction, 6C11 ———


In photoelectric effect, the number of photo electrons emitted is proportional to :


The maximum number of photo electrons released in photocell is independent of


When yellow light is incident on a surface no electrons are emitted while green light can emit. If red light is incident on the surface then ;


Photoelectric effect supports quantum nature of light because


The matter waves are


In the photoelectric effect, electrons are emitted


The electrons are emitted in the photoelectric effect from a metal surface :


The dual nature of light is exhibited by :


Photocells are used for the


Photoelectric effect can be explained by assuming that light


Which is the incorrect statement of the following


The velocity of photo electron emitted in photoelectric effect depends only on


1f alpha, beta and gamma rays carry same momentum, which has the longest wavelength


The wavelength of the matter waves is independent of