Science Physics MCQ-174

General Science-Physics Practice Test for NDA, CivilsPrelims, UPSC, SSC, CDS, RBI, DelhiPolice, UPPSC Exams

It is easier to swim in a sea water than in ordinary water because


For a body float in a liquid with some portion outside, the weight of the liquid displaced by the fully immersed body


Two pieces of different metals, when completely immersed in water, experience equal up thrust, then


A steel ball is floating in a beaker containing mercury. If some water is poured in the breaker, the steel ball will


An inflated balloon is floating on the surface of water. It is pushed so as to submerge completely and then released. It will


A body is just floating in a liquid if the body is slightly pressed down and released. It will


In order that a floating object be in stable equilibrium, its centre of buoyancy


Lactometer is a form of hydrometer used to measure the purity of milk. If in milk, the lactometer sinks up to the mark of 1, which one of the following conclusions can be drawn?


Consider the following statements
When an object floats inside a liquid, then
1 . The apparent weight of the object is equal to the liquid displaced by the object .
2 . The centre of gravity (CG) of the object and the centre of gravity (CG) of the displaced water lie in the same vertical line .
Which of the above statement(s) given above is/are correct?


Consider the following statements
1 . The density of water is maximum at 50C .
2 . The hydrometer is a device through which the density of fluids (liquid or gas) is measured .
Which of the above statement(s) given above is/are correct?


Consider the following statements The fraction of a ball floating inside the liquid depends upon
1 . density of the liquid
2 . mass of the ball
3 . density of the ball
Which of the statements given above are correct?


Assertion (A) The ships of iron and the boats of wood float in water but the nails iron sink,
Reason (R) The special design and shape of the ship and the boat through which weight of displaced water are more than the weight of the ship and boat, due to which more force of buoyancy becomes operative and the ships or boats floats. But the weight of the water displaced by the nails is less than the weight of nails that is why nails sink.


Assertion (A) If a piece of ice floats on a water surface, then its [1/10] th part of the total volume remains above the surface and[9/10] th part remains submerged.
Reason (R) This is because the ratio of the densityā€¯ of ice to the density of water is equal to the ratio of total volume of ice inside water to the total volume of ice.


Surface tension depends on


The tendency of liquid drop to contract and occupy minimum area due to


Two capillary tubes of different diameters are dipped in water. The rise of wafer is


With the rise of temperature, the surface tension of a liquid


Insects can move on the surface of water without sinking due to


Kerosene oil rises up in the wick of lantern because of


The excess of pressure inside a dropper bubble is


When some detergent is added to water, the surface tension


If a liquid wets a solid surface, the angle of contact is


The angle of contact of a liquid with a solid does not depend on


A liquid drop tends to assume a spherical shape because of


Water drops do not stick to the oily surface due to