Science Physics MCQ-179

Science-Physics Questions for JKPSC,NDA,UPPSC,CivilsPrelims,CDS,SSC Exams

Kirchhoff s first law i.e., Z;= 0 at a junction deals with :


Which of the following statement is true?


The function of a fuse wire is independent of:


In a circuit containing two unequal resistors connected in parallel :


The resistance can be increased by :


Heat produced in a conductor depends :


The heating element in an electric iron is made up of


A choke coil is used in A.C. circuits to


If two bulbs of wattage 25 and 100 respectively, each rated at 220 volt, are connected in series with the supply of 440 volt, which bulb will fuse?


Of the two bulbs in a house, one glows brighter than the other. Which of the two has a large resistance?


The conversion of heat into electrical energy may be achieved by using :


The quantity of electricity that deposits one gram equivalent of substance is called :


In an electrolyte solution, current is maintained by the flow of:


In electrolysis, the mass of the substance liberated at cathode is proportional to :


Which of the following causes production of heat when current is set up in a wire?


If a current carrying conductor passes vertically through a horizontally placed card-board, then the lines of force over the card-board due to this conductor are in the forms of:


The direction of magnetic field produced by a linear current is given by :


A dynamo :


A transformer:


Lenz’s law is a statement of law of conservation of


An inductor may store energy in :


Energy stored in a current carrying coil is in the form of:


Alternating current is one which changes in its :


A.C. can be measured with the help of: