Science Physics MCQ-183

General Science-Physics Practice Questions for DelhiPolice, UPSC, UPPSC, CDS, RBI, NDA, SSC, CivilsPrelims Exams

The time period of a pendulum watch :


The pendulum watches become slowed down in summer because:


If the length of a simple pendulum is increased by 4% then its time period will be :


The ratio of the transverse deformation and the longitudinal deformation is called:


The raindrops are spherical due to :


If a ship moves from fresh water into seawater, it will-


The unit of viscosity is :


The scientist associated with floatation is:


Satellites used for telecommunication relay are kept in a geostationary orbit. A satellite is said to be in such an orbit when:

1) The orbit is geosynchronous
2) The orbit is circular
3) The orbit lies in the plane of the earth’s equator
4) The orbit is at an altitude of 22,236km

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:


If a coin is tossed upwards from the ground with a velocity of 8m/ sec then it rises to a height:


In the isothermal process _____ remains constant.


In the adiabatic process ____ remains constant.


The frequency of sound waves in the audible range is :


The angular speed of a whirlwind in a tornado towards the centre


The velocity of sound in the air (vacuum) is :


The noise of 100 db is assumed to be:


The focal length of a convex lens is –


If the door of a running refrigerator in a closed room is kept open, what will be the net effect on the room?


Decibel is the unit of physical quantity used for:


The echo is produced by the sound waves due to :


SONAR is frequently used by :


The pitch or frequency of the siren of a coming train appears to be increasing because of:


The normal temperature of the human body is :


When a ball drops onto the floor it bounces. Why does it bounce?


The lowest possible temperature is :