Science Physics MCQ-168

General Science-Physics objective Questions for UPPSC, NDA, RBI, UPSC, SSC, CDS, CivilsPrelims, DelhiPolice Exams

Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the longest wavelength ?


X-rays were discovered by


Penetrating power of X-rays can be increased by


Consider the following statement


Match List-I (frequency range) with List-II (Uses) and select the correct answer

List – I —List – II

(A) 54 MHz to 890 MHz (i) UHF band
(B) 1710 kHz to 54 MHz (ii) television waves
(C) 88 MHz to 108 MHz (iii) short wave
(D) 300 MHz to 30,00 MHz (iv) FM radio



An acoustically good hall should have


Doppler effect is independent of


A radar beam consists of


The waves used for a communication through artificial satellite are


The electromagnetic radiation most prevalent in the atmosphere is


which of the following sequences are the electro magnetic radiations in decreasing order of wave lengths


The,ionosphere is mainly composed of


The ozone layer absorbs radiation of wavelengths


The ozone layer absorbs


The ozone layer in the atmosphere is at a height of about


Polarization in electromagnetic wave is caused by


The ratio of the speed of X-rays to that of gamma rays


When X-rays are produced, then


Structure of solids is investigated by using


X-rays are steams of


The rest mass of a photon is


Frequency ranges for microwaves are


The polarization of electromagnetic wave is in


Ultra violet light of sun’s radiation is prevented from reaching the earth’s atmosphere by the layer of


Electromagnetic waves are produced by