Science Physics MCQ-89

General Science-Physics Practice Questions for CDS, NDA, UPSC, SSC, RBI, DelhiPolice, UPPSC, CivilsPrelims Exams

Consider the physical quantities
1. Displacement
2. Torque
3. Current density
4. Linear momentum
Which of the above are vector quantities?


Which of the following is not the unit of time?


Consider the following statements
1 . Distance of stars is measured in light year .
2 . One astronomical unit (AU) is equal to 1 .495 x1011m .
3 . One parallax second (parsec) is equalto3 .08×1016m .
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


Consider the following statements
1 . All plane angles are measured in radian .
2 . All the solid angles are measured in steradian . /
3 . Solid angle is measured in steradian .
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


Which of the following physical quantities have the same dimensions?


Unit of resistance is


Which of the following statements is false?


A ball P is dropped vertically and another ball O is thrown horizontally with the same velocities from the same height and at the same time. If air resistance is neglected, then


For a moving body at any instant of time


A body is moving in a circular path with a constant speed. It has


A ball is thrown upwards and it returns to ground describing a parabolic path. Which of the following remains constant?


Newton’s second law gives the measure of


A body is imparted motion from rest to move in a straight line. If it is then obstructed by an opposite force, then


A jet plane flies in the air because


The momentum of a system is conserved.


The force required to keep a body in uniform circular motion is


A person is sitting in a moving train and facing the engine. He tosses up a coin and coin falls behind him. It can be concluded that the train is


A person sitting in an open car moving at constant velocity throws a ball vertically up into air. The ball falls


An athlete diving off high spring board can perform a variety of exercise in the air before entering the water body. Which one of the following parameter will remain constant during the fall?


Consider the following statements
1. In railway track or road, the inner track/edge is comparatively less in height than the outer.
2. Washing machine is working on the principle of centrifugation.
3. A car takes a turn on level road. It may be thrown outwards because of the lack of centripetal force.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


A person standing at the middle point of a wooden ladder which starts slipping between a vertical wall and the floor of a room, while continuing to remain in a-vertical plane. The path traced by a person standing at the middle point of the slipping ladder is


Which of the following statements are correct when a gymnast sitting on a rotating stool with his arms outstretched, suddenly lowers his hands?
1. The angular velocity decreases.
2. The angular velocity increases.
3. The moment of inertia decreases.
4. The moment of inertia increases.
Select the answers using the codes given below.


A person is sitting in a car which is at rest. The reaction from the road at each of the four wheels of the car is R. When the car runs on a straight level road, how will the reaction at either of the front wheels vary?


A cricket player catches a fast coming ball by pulling his hands back because


Rocket operates (works) on principle of