Science Physics MCQ-180

Science-Physics MCQ Quiz for NDA/Na,SSC CGL,UPPSC,JKPSC,CivilsPrelims Exams

When mechanical waves have a frequency below the audible range, they are called :


Which waves are used in sonography?


The sound carried by air from a sitar to a listener is a wave of the following type :


Sound waves do not show in air :


With the rise of temperature, the velocity of sound:


Velocity of sound will be :


The velocity of sound is largest in :


Supersonic planes fly :


Resonance is an example of:


Buzzing of a mosquito is :


Quality of sound depends upon its :


Pitch of sound depends upon it;


Decibel is:


The law applicable for determining the apparent change in frequency when a source and an observer are in motion is :


Doppler’s effect of sound is produced when the source and the observer are :


The Doppler effect is applicable for :


To a stationary man the frequency of a sound source moving towards the man appears to be :


The main cause of difference between Doppler effect in sound and light is :


When a sound source is in motion and observer is at rest then the cause of apparent change in frequency is :


Which of the following is not the use of Doppler effect?


Which quantity remains constant in the phenomenon of refraction?


The absolute refractive index is maximum for:


The inference derived from the refraction of light is that:


The Plank’s Quantum theory was experimentally verified by :


As a result of hole in the ozone belt: