Science Physics MCQ-182

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A person having mass of x kg pushes another person having mass of x/2 kg with a force of xN. With what force does the person having mass of x/2 kg push back the heavier person?


1 horse power is equal to __.


Which one of the following is marked on the common use fluorescent tube light?


If a body weight 12N on the surface of the earth, how much will it weigh on the surface of the moon where acceleration due to gravity is only one-sixth of that on earth’s surface?


A hollow sphere and a solid sphere, both having the same mass of 5kg, and radius 10 m are initially at rest. If they are made to roll down the same inclined plane without slipping, the ratio of their speeds when they reach the bottom of the plane, Vhollow>/Vsolid


The radius of gyration is related to


Assertion (A) : The work done in bringing a body down from the top to the base along a frictionless inclined plane is the same as the work done in bringing it down along the vertical side

Reason (R) : The gravitational force on the body along the inclined plane is the same as that along the vertical side.


Assertion (A) : The gravitational field of the Earth enables maintaining an atmosphere of air round the Earth.

Reason (R) : The average speed of air molecules at standard pressure is very much less than the escape speed.
Codes :


Assertion (A): When a piece of rock is brought from the moon to the earth its mass changes.

Reason (R): The gravitational pull of earth is stronger than that of moon.


An astronaut of mass 60 kg is revolving around the earth in a satellite. What will be his weight inside the satellite assuming g=10 m/s2?


Two satellites are moving in the same circular orbit around the earth. Which one of the following is correct?


What is the approximate value of escape velocity for the earth?


Assertion (A): The time period of oscillation of a pendulum diminishes as the amplitude diminishes owing to resistance due to air.

Reason (R) : The time period of a pendulum depends directly on the square root of its length.


Assertion (A) : In the experiment on simple pendulum to determine the acceleration due to gravity, the amplitude of the oscillations is kept small.

Reason (R) : sin 9 can be approximated to 6 only for small values of 0



A simple pendulum has frequency f. How many times its kinetic energy gain highest value per second?


A body falling from rest on a planet covers 3 m in 1 s. What is the time period of a simple pendulum of length 96 cm on this planet?


The energy in stretched wire is


Assertion (A) : Relative humidity decreases with falling temperature with the amount of moisture remaining constant.

Reason (R) : Fall on temperature leads to lowering of moisture holding capacity of the atmosphere.


A boat carrying a number of large stones is floating in a water tank. If the stones in the boat are unloaded into the water of water tank, what will happen to the water level ?


Consider the following statements

1 . When two water droplets merge with each other to form a large droplet, energy is liberated.
2 .The excess pressure inside a soap bubble is directly proportional to its surface tension.
3 .When a drop of water breaks into two droplets of equal size, the sum of the surface areas of the two droplets is equal to that of the original drop.

Which of the statements given above are correct?


Sound is a :


How can boiling point of a liquid be reduced?


Assertion (A): Graphite is used as a lubricant in machine industry.

Reasons (R) : Graphite is soft and a good conductor of hear.


In a nuclear reaction, 92U238 —–> ZThA +2He4 the value of A and Z are


Which one of the following phenomena cannot be observed on the surface of the moon?