Science Physics MCQ-157

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If a bar magnet is cut length wise into 3 parts, the total number of poles will be


The wire having a red plastic covering is a


The wire having black plastic covering is a


The wire having a green plastic covering is a


Which of the following quantities remain constant in a step-down transformer ?


For high frequency, the capacity offers


Alternating current can be measured by


When an AC source is connected across a resistor


A choke coil has


Choke used to limit high frequency AC has


The mass of a copper wire of resistance R1 and length l1 is four times the mass of another copper wire of length l1 and resistance R2 If R1= R2, which one of the following is correct ?


Which type of cell can be used if a device requires 75 A of current for 15 seconds ?


Why does the experience a strong shock when one accidentally touches a live wire of say, 220 V ?


Which one of the following statements is correct ? The space surrounding a charge in uniform motion has


Two electric fans p and 2p watt respectively are connected in series. What is the power of the combination in watt ?


Consider the following statements

(1) An isolated electric charge exist, but an isolated magnetic monopole does not exist.
(2) Electric lines of force are not closed, but magnetic lines of force are closed

Which of the statements given above is / are correct ?


A large magnet is broken into two pieces. If the lengths of two pieces are in the ratio of 3 : What is the ratio of their pole strengths ?


Alternating current instead of direct current is used in long distance electric transmission because


A wire is bent in the form of uniform circular” ring. A and B are two points on the ring such that angle of AOB = 60 0, where O is the centre of ring. If the equivalent resistance across A and B is 5 . What is the resistance of whole wire


Consider the following statements regarding electric fuse wire

(1) It has low melting point
(2) It has very high specific resistance
(3) It is connected in parallel with the electric circuit

Which of the statements given above is / are correct ?


Five bulbs each rated as 220 V100 W burnt 4 hours. What is the cost of electricity consumed if the rate is 50 paise per unit ?


Consider the following statements household electrical appliances are not usually connected in series, because

1 . Switching of an appliance would switch off the rest
2 . A fuse would blow as soon as one appliance is used.
3 . Power consumption would be very much greater
4 . The appliances would get damaged due to high current.


An ammeter is connected in series with an unknown resistance and a voltmeter is connected across the terminals of the resistance. If the ammeter reads 1 .2 A and the voltmeter reads 18 V the n value of the resistance is


A charge particle moves with velocity V in a uniform magnetic field B . The magnetic force experienced by the particle is


Domestic electrical wiring is basically a :