Science Physics MCQ-178

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If the temperature of sun is doubled then the maximum emission wavelength will become:


The kinetic theory of gases :


The internal energy of a gas :


What is heat?


The temperature at which Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give the same reading is :


One of the following thermometers, which can be used for increasing a rapidly changing temperature is a : .


The. thermometer suitable to measure 2000


Expansion during heating :


A ring-shaped piece of metal is heated. If the material expands, the hole will:


Equal volumes of water and turpentine oil are taken in identical calorimeters. These are cooled under identical circumstances through some temperature range. The quantity which is same for them will be


Identify the conceptual difference between a particle and a wave :


Which of the following statements is wrong?


”An astronaut can’t hear his companion at the surface of the moon because :


An air-box attached to a musical instrument increases the :


Sound energy is converted into electrical energy by a:


The same notes being played on the Sitar and Veena differ in :


The walls of the halls built for music concerts should :


When we hear a sound, we can identify its source from :


Those persons who have sweeter sound have :


In a wave motion the distance between two consecutive crests is 5 cm and two waves per second pass any point in the medium. The wave velocity will be :


The two arms of a tuning fork vibrate in :


The cause of beats is that the two waves undergo


Transverse waves can propagate in :


Transverse waves can propagate :


You distinguish between transverse and longitudinal waves by studying the property of: