Science Physics MCQ-185

General Science-Physics Questions for RBI,UPPSC,CDS,UPSC,SSC CGL Exams

What does an electric bell carry while ringing?


Why are cooking utensils made up of metals?


Which of the following principles is used in firing of rockets?


Which of the following is used as information storage medium .in computers?


Why does an electrician wear rubber-soled shoes?


Why is mica used in an electric iron?


Why are white clothes worn more in summer?


Which of the following does not admit of any division?


Why is snow white?


Why are railway tracks made up of steel?


A sprayer works on the principle of


If 00g of hydrogen on burning in 0g of oxygen forms 0g of water, then which one of the following laws will be violated?


Who was the enunciator of modern atomic theory?


What is the use of an odometer?


Positive rays in a discharge tube with perforated cathode travel


In a nuclear reactor, energy is released after an atom of uranium captures


Who discovered that the flow of electric current ‘ influences a magnetic needle?


What is the use of a carburetor?


Erect and virtual images are always produced by


What is the voltage in electric line for domestic supply?


Which one of the following characteristics of ultrasound distinguishes it from ordinary audible sound?


What is the function of Commutator?


At what point of the Kelvin scale does water boil?


The glass which darkens in sunlight and shines at darkness is called


Who first used the word’ electric’?