Science Chemistry MCQ-200

General Science-Chemistry online Exam RBI, NDA, SSC, JPSC, CivilsPrelims, UPSC, UPPSC, CDS Exams

Which substance has the highest heat capacity?


Which acid does not contain oxygen?


What is the composition of Type metal?


Which one of the following is in Rock Salt?


The important and most common ore of chromium is


How is plastic chemically known?


Chromite ore is concentrated by


Coloured glasses for goggles contain


In which of the following things liquid wax gets dissolved?


The furnace used in the preparation of Chromium is


Who was the first to prepare soda water?


Molish’s Test is used to


Which of the following sodium separates gold?


Who first converted chlorine gas into liquid chlorine?


What will be the colour when hydrogen burns in the air?


The electrolyte used for the purification of chromium is


What is an alternative disinfectant to chlorine?


At what temperature oxygen gets liquefied?


What type of basic is phosphorus acid?


Solution of ammonium chloride in water is


Gypsum is the ore of


Who introduced the term pH?


Name the instrument used to determine the volume changes in chemical reaction


What type of salt is Mohr’s Salt?


Which of the following gases is used inside a Geiger counter?