Science Chemistry MCQ-199

General Science-Chemistry MCQ test for CivilsPrelims, UPSC, CDS, RBI, SSC, JPSC, NDA, UPPSC Exams

A change in which the composition of a substance is not affected is called


Tearing a sheet of paper, grinding of substances, preparing solution of salts and sugar in water and change of seasons are the example of:


Example of physical change is:


Which one of the following is a chemical change?


Consider the following statements:

(I) Heating of clean copper wire in Burner flame
(II) Reaction of quick lime with water
(III) Rusting of iron
(IV) Magnetization of iron

Out of the above statements, which is/are Physical change?


Combustion of a candle is called


Fractionation of petroleum is a:


Formation of water by reaction between hydrogen gas and oxygen gas during lightning in the atmosphere is an example of


In endothermic reaction, there occurs


Which of the following is a chemical change?


Any change in matter that results in the disappearance of one or more substances and the appearance of one or more substances, each having its own set of intensive properties, is known as


Which one of the following statement is wrong ?


Two substances A and B combine to form a substance C with the evolution of heat. The properties of C are entirely different from those of A and B. The substance C is :


The method used for separating iron filings and sand is :


A mixture of red and blue ink can be separated by


Pure water is obtained from sea water by :


Which of the following is a compound ?


A compound can be prepared by passing :


Pure compound always have :


Which of the following is a characteristic property of mixture ?


In case from a definite weight of one pure substance, without the addition of any other substance, an equal total weight of two or more other substances can be obtained by chemical means, the substance is classified as :


A mixture of ammonium chloride and sodium chloride (common salt) can be separated by :


Iron is a/an :


Name given to the element number is:


Which one of the following is not an element ?