Science Chemistry MCQ-184

General Science-Chemistry objective Questions for UPPSC, CDS, JPSC, CivilsPrelims, NDA, RBI, SSC, UPSC Exams

Power alcohol is


The explosive nitroglycerine is


Which of the following compounds is commonly used as antifreeze in automobile radiators ?


In cold countries, ethylene glycol is added in the water used in the radiators of cars during winter. This results in


The group reagent for the test of alcohols is


The most important ingredient of dynamite is


Denatured spirit is mainly used as a


Which of the following is generally present in tonics


Dynamite is prepared by mixing nitroglycerine with


Liquor poisoning is due to the presence of


An enzyme which changes maltose into glucose is known as


Methylated spirit is


IDenatured spirit is a mixture of ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and


The factor adversely affecting the fermentation process is


The optimum temperature for carrying out fermentation of molasses is


A fruity smell is obtained by the reaction of ethanol with


Crown ethers are


In [18] – crown -6, the number of oxygen atoms is


When ether is exposed in air for sometime, an explosive substance is produced, the substance is


Epichlorohydrin is


Ether show isomerism with


At room temperature, formaldehyde is


Formalin is the commercial name of


Tollens reagent is


Schiff s reagent is