Science Chemistry MCQ-190

General Science-Chemistry MCQ Quiz for NDA, SSC, CDS, CivilsPrelims, JPSC, UPPSC, RBI, UPSC Exams

Starch is a polymer of


Enzymes are


On hydrolysis proteins give


Which of the following have coiled helical structure ?


Vitamin C is


Iodine deficiency in diet is known to cause


The reagent which may be used to distinguish between cane sugar and glucose solution is


Ascorbic acid is


Chemical name of vitamin A is


A compound gives both ninhydrin test and Molisch’s test. It is


The carbohydrate which serves as a reserve glucose in body is


Protein is an important constituent of our diet. It functions mainly as


The coagulation of protein is called


Main structural unit of Protein is


Which one is a disaccharide ?


The vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies is


Bleeding gums is generally associated with a deficiency


Vitamin A deficiency leads to a disease known, as


The vitamins, which are soluble in water, are


Which one of the following contains cobalt ?


Which of the following has magnesium ?


Which of the following is not a sex hormone ?


Insulin is secreted from


A protein is best described as a


Amino acids are building blocks of