Science Chemistry MCQ-207

General Science-Chemistry objective Quiz for JPSC,SSC,UPSC,CivilsPrelims,NDA,UPPSC Exams

Lindlar’s catalyst is


Acetylene is used as an anesthetic under the name of


Reforming is the process used for


The derivatives not found in nature are


Which one is an organ metallic compound /


Ozone in stratosphere is depleted by


Chloral is


The poisonous gas obtained by exposing chloroform to air and sunlight is


158-Which is the correct formula of bleaching powder ?


Chloropicrin is


A sample of chloroform before using as an anaesthetic, is tested by


The compound, which is used in refrigeration is


The antiseptic action of CHI3 is due to


The formula of freon


Acetone is mixed with bleaching powder to give


Match List-I with List-II and pick the correct matching form the codes given below


Reason for excessive solubility of ethyl alcohol in water is due


Rectified spirit contains


Wine contains


Fermentation is an/a


Glucose and fructose are converted into C2H5OH in presence of


Grain alcohol is common name of


Wood spirit is known as


Ethanol containing some methanol is called


Rectified spirit can be dried with