Science Chemistry MCQ-193

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While cooking food, the compounds lost to the maximum extent are


White vitriol is


White lead is used as a


Who discovered radioactivity?


Who proved the existence of the neutron?


Why does milk curdle?


Why is phosphorus kept under water?


With 10-12 chromium, iron forms a very well-known alloy steel called


With chloroform and alkali, phenol is converted to


With increasing bond order, stability of a bond


With respect to which element, the valency of elements corresponds to group number?


With what velocity should an alpha-particle travel towards the nucleus of a Cu atom so as to arrive at a distance 10-13 m from the nucleus of the Cu atom? (Cu = 29, e = 1.6×10-19 C, S0= 8.85 x10-13 ,JC2 m1 mc=1×10-31kg)


Wood is preserved from attack by termites by a material marketed as creosote oil this is a mixture of


X gm of a metal displaces


Yellow coloured solution of FeCl3 changes to light green when


Zeeman effect refers to the


Zinc helps in the synthesis of biological protein this is the basis for using zinc ointment for


Zone refining is a method to obtain


Zone refining is used for the purification of


A sample of steel weighing 3.0 g was subjected to a chemical reaction to convert its sulphur into H2S gas. The evolved gas required 40 ml. of 02sub N solution of iodine. Then the percentage of S in steel is


The oxidation number of iodine in periodic acid (H5IO6) is


Which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel?


Select the one which is not a mixture,


The toxicity of which of the following heavy metals leads to liver cirrhosis?


The process of removing calcium and magnesium from hard water is known as