Science Chemistry MCQ-196

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Consider the following statements
1 . Boric acid is a mild antiseptic and is used as a food preservative.
2. Borax and other borates are used in water-treatment, timber preservation, glass manufacture.
3. Sodium peroxoborate is an important constituent of washing powder.
Select the correct statements.


Dry ice is


Carbogen is


Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas the antidote used for this poisoning is


Marsh gas primarily contains


Which one of the ‘following is not an allotrope of carbon?


Assertion (A) On a commercial scale boric acid is prepared from colemanite.
Reason (R) It is used in the manufacture of enamels and glazes for pottery and as disinfectant in medicine.


Match Column I with Column II.
Column I Column II
A. Sodium silicate 1. Potash glass
B. Potassium silicate 2. Soda glass
C. Boric acid 3. Buffer
D. Borax 4. Mild antiseptic


Which gas is used in aerated water?


Percentage of lead in lead pencil is


Glass is best described as a


The colour of blue glass is due to the presence of oxide of


Consider the following statements
Laughing gas(N2O)
1. finds use as a propellant for whipped ice-cream.
2. used as an anaesthetic.
3. used for the preparation of N3H
4. used as fuel for rockets.
Which of the above is/are correct?


Match Column I (Naturally occurring substances) with Column II (Elements).
Column I Column II
A. Diamond 1. Calcium
B. Marble 2. Silicon
C. Sand 3, Aluminium
D. Ruby 4. Carbon


Which among the following elements is abundant on the lunar surface and holds the potential to put an end to the energy crisis of the earth?


Which one of the following is a mixed fertilizers?


Consider the following statements
1. Euchlorine is a mixture of CI2 and CO2.
2. Bromine gas turns starch iodine paper red.
3. Photographic plates are coated with a film of Ag Br.
Which of the above is/are true?


Assertion (A) Superphosphate of lime can be assimilated by plants.
Reason (R) Superphosphate of lime is soluble in water.


Match Column I and Column II.
Column I Column II
A. Coloured discharge tubes for advertisement 1. Freon
B. Radioactive disintegration of radium (226) 2. Neon
C. Electric bulbs 3. Radon
D. Refrigerant gas 4. Argon


Pure water can be obtained from sea water by


On burning hydrogen in air, the colour of flame is


Water gas is produced by


Fuel used for rocket propulsion is a mixture of


Tincture of iodine is


Consider the following statements
1. White phosphorus has garlic like smell.
2. White phosphorus kept in the light it turns yellow and thus it is called as yellow phosphorus.
3. White phosphorus produces yellowish green light when kept inside the dark and this henomenon is called phosphorescence.
Which of the statements given above are correct?