Science Chemistry MCQ-191

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Insoluble suspended impurities in muddy water or any other liquid can be separated if it is first . allowed to stand for some time. The insoluble heavy impurities settle down under the force of gravity, leaving the clear liquid above. These impurities are called :


Dry air is composed of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. It is a


A mixture that can be separated by sublimation method is :


Select the false statement:


Match list 1 with list II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists :
List I———— List II

A . Thallium 1 . Tm
B . Thorium 2 . Tl
C . Thulium 3 . Tb
D . Tirbium 4 . Th


Which of the following is a compound ?


A mixture of ethyl alcohol and water can be separated by :


Which of the following is an element ?


Diamond is:


An azeotropic mixture is a mixture which has : Which of the following statements is incorrect for


Which one of the following elements is used as a catalyst in the dehydration of vegetable oils ?


Which one of the following is a mixture ?


a mixture ?


A material consisting of two or more kinds of matter, each retaining its characteristic properties is called a/an


The symbol of copper is


The formula of sodium thiosulphate is


Match the following
List I——-List-II

(A) Radium 1 .Fm
(B)Titanium 2 .In
(C)Indium 3 .Ti
(D)Fermium 4 .Ra



Which of the following is not correctly matched


German silver is a/an


The law of multiple proportions was proposed by


The ratio in weight by which carbon and oxygen combine in a molecule of carbon monoxide is


Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list
List I

A. Law of conservation of mass
B. Law of multiple proportion
C. Law of reciprocal proportions
D. Law of the constant composition

List II

I Dalton
II Richter
III Lavoisier
IV Lewis Proust


Which of the following compounds conform the law of multiple proportion ?


In which of the following the symbol of the element is correctly given ?


The symbol of nickel is