Science Chemistry MCQ-138

General Science-Chemistry objective Quiz for SSC, UPSC, RBI, CDS, UPPSC, NDA, CivilsPrelims, JPSC Exams

One mole of potassium chlorate is thermally .decomposed and excess of aluminium is burnt in the gaseous product. How many moles of aluminium oxide are formed?


One should not sleep in a Closed room where a charcoal fire is burning because


Orthoboric acid on heating to red heat gives a residue of


Oxygen does not react with


Oxygen is denser than air hence it is collected over


Oxygen is not evolved when ozone reacts with


Ozone is


Ozone is an. ..of oxygen.


Paraffin wax used for making candles is 1 obtained from


Beta-Particles are


Passing a battery current through a solution of brine will produce


People have isolated organic compounds from plants since antiquity. By gently heating or steam distilling certain plant materials, one can obtain mixtures of odoriferous compounds known as


Permanent hardness of water due to sulphates of metals can be destroyed by the use of


Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of


Persons in asbestos factories are affected by air pollution. The most affected part of their body is the


Petroleum consists of a complex mixture of


Petroleum is found in


Phenol is a raw material used in the manufacture of


Phosgene can be used as


Photosynthesis in plants leads to the formation of


Pick the odd one out.


Pick the wrong statement. Hydrogen bonding results in


Plastic nylon is best described as which one of the following?


Polythene is formed by


Positrons are particles