Science Chemistry MCQ-202

General Science-Chemistry Practice Test for UPSC, CDS, RBI, UPPSC, NDA, JPSC, CivilsPrelims, SSC Exams

Match the following:
Column I————–Column II

A. Acetic acid I. Milk
B. Tannic acid II. Proteins
C. Amino acid III. Tea
D. Lactic acid IV. Vinegar


Match the following:
Column I————Column II

I. Washing soda A. NaCI
II. Caustic soda B. Na2CO3. 10H2O
III. Common salt C. 2CaSO4 H2O
IV. Plaster of Paris D. NaOH


Match the following columns

Column I —— Column II

A. Mercury I. Element
B. Oxygen II. Compound
C. Water III. Mixture
D. Air IV. Metal


Match the following columns.
Column I————Column II

A. Sodium Hydroxide I. NaCI
B. Sodium Bicarbonate II. Na2CO3.10H2O
C. Sodium chloride III. NaHCO
D. Sodium carbonate IV. NaOH


Match the following:

A. N2O I. White crystalline solid
B. NO II. Colourless gas reckind a glowing splint
C. NO2 III. Colourless gas turning brown in air
D. N2O5 IV. Reddish brown gas


Match the following:

A. Helium I. Treatment of Cancer
B. Neon II. Electrical signs
C. Radon III. Generation of low temperatures


Match the following:

I —————– II
A. Freon I. Bleaching
B. Chloroform II. Antiseptic
C. lodoform III. Refrigerant
D. Ozone IV. Anaesthetic


Match the following:


I. Natural rubber A. Buna-S
II. Synthetic rubber B. Latex
III. Natural fibre C. Wool
IV. Synthetic fibre D. Nylon


Match the following.

I. Aluminium A. Pitchblende
II. Iron – B. Lepidolite
III. Lithium C. Haematite
IV. Uranium D. Bauxite


Match the following:

A. Glass I. Phosphorus
B. Matchsticks II. Sodium
C. Fertilizer III. Sodium Silicate
D. Salt IV. Potassium sulphate


Match the following:

I. Quinine A. Sugarcane
II. Molasses B. Cinchona
III. Iodine C. Hevea
IV. Rubber D. Sea kelp


Methods of separation

I————————————— II

A. Iron filings and sulphur I. Sublimation
B. Components of chlorophyll II. Magnetic separation
C. Iodine and Common salt III. Mechanically by picking up violet crystals of iodine
D. Ammonium chloride and iodine crystals IV. Chromato graphy


Match the following:

I ———— II
A. Tin I. Auntie
B. Copper II. Argentite
C. Silver III. Starinite
D. Gold IV. Malachite


Which pair is incorrect?


Units of Measurement:

A. Energy I. N/kg
B. Universal gas Constant II. fermi
C. Nuclear radius III. kg m2 s-2
D. Acceleration IV. Joule/mole K


Which of the following pairs is a mismatch?

(i) Natural rubber: isoprene
(ii) Plexiglas:methyl methacrylate
(iii) Nylone 6: caprolactam
(iv) Teflon:tetrafluoroethylene


Which one of the following pairs represents isobars?


The combustible material on the tip of a safety match stick is


Which pair of substance is said to be isomorphous.


Which process is used for beneficiation (dressing) of ores?


Which quantum number cannot have an integral value?


Which solids are readily soluble in water ?


Which vitamin is found only in animal food products but not in vegetable food products?


Which was the first organic compound to be synthesised in a laboratory?


Which of the following is a preservative for fruit juices?