Science Chemistry MCQ-209

Science-Chemistry Questions for UPPSC,NDA/NA,CDSE,JKPSC,Civils,SSC Exams

In acid-base catalysis, the real catalyst is


Muddy water is purified by adding alum due to


The enzyme ptyalin used for digestion of food is present in


Reverse of swelling of gel is known as


The compound of a metal found in nature is called


A naturally occurring substance from which a metal can be profitably extracted is called


Rocy impurities present in a mineral are called


The forth flotation process is used for the concentration of


Copper pyrites (CuFeS2) are concentrated by


Cyanide process is used for extraction of


The most abundant element or earth curst is


Iron ore is concentrated by


The magnetic separation is used for increasing concentration of the following


The oil used in the floatation method for the purification of ores is


The purpose of smelting an ore to


Heating of pyrites in air to remove sulphur is known as


In blast furnance, iron oxide is reduced by


The highest temperature is achieved in which type furnace ?


Which of the following metal is obtained by leaching its over with dilute cyanide solution ?


A common metal used for the extraction of metals from their oxides by reduction is


Van Arkel method for purification of metals involves converting the metal to a


Zone refining is a method to obtain


In electro-refining the impure metal is made


In metallurgy flux is a substance used to convert


Which of one of the following metals is extracted by thermal reduction process ?