Science Chemistry MCQ-194

General Science-Chemistry MCQ Quiz for SSC, UPSC, JPSC, RBI, UPPSC, CDS, NDA, CivilsPrelims Exams

An increase in temperature increases which of the following?
1. The rate constant of a reaction
2. The ionic product of water
3. The equilibrium constant of an exothermic reaction.
Select the correct answer using the code given below.


If a refrigerator’s door is kept open, then


A fan produces a feeling of comfort during hot weather, because


which of the following is a closed ‘system?


Match Column I with Column II.
Column I- Column II
A. Endothermic 1. Variation of enthalpy of a reaction with temperature.
B. Exothermic 2. A process or reaction which consumes heat.
C. Activation 3. A process or reaction energy that releases heat.
D. Arrhenius 4. The amount of equation energy which must be invested in a reaction to get it started.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below.


In the pressure cooker, cooking is faster because the increase in vapour pressure


Assertion (A) When H2O is added to CaO, heat is liberated.
Reason (R) Reaction between CaO and H2O is exothermic.


If a system A is in thermal equilibrium with B and B is in thermal equilibrium with C, then A and C are in equilibrium with each other. ”This is a statement of”


A close bottle containing water at room temperature was taken to the moon and then the lid is opened. The water Will


An intensive property in thermodynamics means a property which depends


In an adiabatic compression, the decrease in volume is associated with


Entropy change of a system and its surroundings in equilibrium


Match Column I (Thermodynamic Relation/Law) with Column II (Related Term/Concept) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the columns.
Column I
A. First law of thermodynamics
B. Equation of state of an ideal gas
C. Thermodynamic disorder
Column II
1. Universal gas constant
2. Coefficient of thermal expansion
3. Conservation of energy
4. Entropy


In which of the following, the entropy decreases?


Consider the following statements
Statement I A thermally insulated vessel contains some water. If the vessel is shaken vigorously, the temperature of the water will rise.
Statement II In this process energy is given to the water.
Which one of the following is correct with reference to the above statements?


Assertion (A) As solid changes to liquid and then to vapour state, entropy increases.
Reason (R) As going from solid to liquid and then to vapour state, disorder increases.


During the evaporation of a liquid


During isothermal expansion of an ideal gas, its


Which law of the thermodynamics introduces the concept of entropy?


Combustion of a candle is


When ammonium chloride is dissolved in water, the solution becomes cold. The change is


The order of appearance of the following with increasing temperature during the refining of crude oil is


Which statement is correct about the fusion of copper?


If a reaction is carried out at Constant pressure, which of the following statement is correct?


Consider the following statements
1. An ideal fuel should have high calorific value, low ignition temperature, regulated and controlled.
2. Born-Haber cycle is used to determine lattice energy.
Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?