Science Chemistry MCQ-197

General Science-Chemistry Practice Test for UPPSC, JPSC, RBI, CivilsPrelims, NDA, UPSC, SSC, CDS Exams

A white powder insoluble in water dissolves in ammonium hydroxide. It could be


Which one of the following carbocations is most stable?


In some nuclear reactors, heavy water is used as a moderator. The heavy water is


Sodium thiosulphate (Hypo) is widely used in photography. Its main role in photographic process is due to


If the percentage of oxygen in a metallic oxide is 33%, then its equivalent mass is


In nature, borax occurs as


Water is in a liquid form whereas hydrogen sulphide is a gas at ordinary temperature. This is due to the presence of


The number of molecules present in 2 grams of hydrogen is


Petroleum mainly contains


Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984 was caused by one of the following compounds.


pH of blood is


Which one of the following is a polysaccharide?


When a lead storage battery is discharged


Combustion chemically is


Cinnamic acid is prepared by


The number of isomers in the aromatic compound with the formula C8H10 is


Which one of the following is used as a disinfectant in water treatement?


Benzaldehyde on treatment with chlorine in the absence of catalyst gives


Salicylic acid is prepared by


Which does not influence the ionisation energy of elements?


Which of the following metals is in liquid state at normal room temperature?


Which has the highest basic nature?


Which of the following elements behave chemically both as metal and non-metal?


The major constituent of air is


Which among the following is in liquid state at normal room temperature?