Science Chemistry MCQ-210

Science-Chemistry Questions for SSC,UPPSC,CivilsPrelims,JKPSC,CDS,NDA Exams

Which is chemically most active non-metal


The total number of lanthanide elements is-r-


The general electronic configuration of elements of p-block is represented by


The 4f level is successively filled up in


In the following four elements, the ionization potential of which one is the highest


Metal with maximum density here is


Which of the following transition metal is in liquid state?


Which of the following has the highest ionization potential?


Elements of d-block are called


The lightest metal


An example of a non-stoichiometric compound is


Which element of the following does not exist in liquid state at room temperature ?


Which of the following elements is most metallic ?


Which one of the following has largest size


Which of the following is the smallest cation


Which of the following Isoelectronic species has the largest size


The sizes of A, A+ and A follow the order


Which of the following has zero electron affinity


Which has the highest electron affinity


Transition metals are often paramagnetic owing to


Which block of elements are mostly metals with high B.P., M.P. values


Which one of the following sequence of the chemical elements is correct in terms of the descending order of atomic radius


The number of mole of solute per litre solution is called


The number of mole of solute per kilogram solvent is called


Unit of molarity is known as