Science Chemistry MCQ-203

General Science-Chemistry objective Quiz for JPSC, CivilsPrelims, UPSC, UPPSC, NDA, CDS, RBI, SSC Exams

Heavy water freezes at


The nature of water is


The ozone layer is mainly damaged by


Temporary hardness of water can be removed


The exhausted permutit is generally regenerated by persolating through it a solution of


The H


The solubility of NaCl is


For softening water by the Calgon’s process the chemical used is


Magnesium reacts with boiling water to give


Hydrogen can not be prepared by the action of


Para-and ortho-hydrogens differ in


Hydrogen acts as a


The boiling point of liquid hydrogen is


Atomic hydrogen combines with acetylene to form


Atomic hydrogen is obtained by passing ordinary hydrogen through^


Hydrogen acts as an oxidising agent in its reaction with


The number of protons, electrons and neutrons in tritium are


Which of the following compounds is converted from a liquid state to solid state by hydrogen ?


The composition of the nucleolus of deuterium is


The property of hydrogen which distinguish it from other alkali metal is


In Lane’s process reduction of steam is carried out by heated


Which of the following terms is not correct for hydrogen ?


is substituted by its isotope deuterium. Hydrogen does not react directly with


Which one of the following metals liberates hydrogen when treated with alkali hydroxide ?


The isotopes of hydrogen contain differ number of