Science Chemistry MCQ-186

General Science-Chemistry MCQ test for UPSC, CivilsPrelims, CDS, NDA, JPSC, RBI, UPPSC, SSC Exams

_____ element atom has the smallest nucleus,


The neutron was discovered by ___.


Who was the inventor of atomic theory?


____ was the inventor of radioactivity,


Addition of ethylene dibromide to petrol


Date of manufacture of food items fried in oil should be checked before buying because oils become rancid due to


Which method of water purification does not kill micro-organism?


Iron sheet kept in moist air gets covered with rust. Rust is


Nitric oxide pollution can lead to all of the following, except


Which one of the following gases is supporter of combustion?


Which of the following are the two main constituents of granite?


Minerals are deposited and accumulated in


During the production of Yoghurt from Milk, the system is found to produce


Which one among the following is not responsible for ‘green house effect’?


Which of the following can be found as pollutants in the drinking water in some parts of India?
1) Arsenic
2) Sorbitol
3) Fluoride
4) Formaldehyde
5) Uranium

Select the correct answer using the codes given below.


Due to improper / indiscriminate disposal of old and used computers or their parts, which of the following are released into the environment as e-waste?

1) Beryllium
2) Cadmium
3) Chromium
4) Heptachlor
5) Mercury
6) Lead
7) Plutonium

Select the correct answer using the codes given below.


Acid rain is caused by the pollution of environment by


Photochemical smog is a resultant of the reaction among


Consider the following minerals

1) Calcium
2) Iron
3) Sodium

Which of the minerals given above is/are required by human body for the contraction of muscles?


Fruits stored in a cold chamber exhibit longer storage life because


Which one among the following is responsible for the expansion of water in the ocean?


Food cans are coated with tin but not with zinc because


Which allotrope of carbon is in rigid three-dimensional structure to:


What is the role of positive catalyst in a chemical reaction?


Milk is unique in its nutritive value. However it is a poor source of