Science Chemistry MCQ-183

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The British physicist who received the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the electron is


The brown ring in the test for nitrates is due to


The brownring test is used for


The carbon-carbon bond length is shortest in


The cause of periodicity of properties is


The Central Electrochemical Research Institute is located at


The charcoal used to decolourise brown sugar solution is


The charge on the electron is


The chemical composition of four well known items which are used in large quantities are given below. Which one is incorrect?


The chemical name of bauxite is


The chemical name of laughing gas is


The chemical name of quartz is


The chemical name of table salt is


The chemical name of vitamin C is .


The chief constituent of gobar gas


The chloride of a metal (M) contains 65.5% of chlorine. 100 ml of the vapour of the chloride of the metal of STP weigh 0.72 g. The molecular formula of the metal chloride is


1 mole of N2H4 loses 10 moles of electrons to form a new compound Y. Assuming that all the nitrogen appear in the new compound, what is the oxidation state of nitrogen in Y? (no change in oxidation state of hydrogen)


Which of following is isomporphous with magnesium sulphate (MgSO4.7 H2O)?


The colour of hydrogen is


The colour of violet glass is due to the presence of


The combustible material on the tip of a safety match stick is


The commercial name for calcium hydride is


The common method of extraction of metals from oxide ores is


The compound which has one isopropyl group is


The compounds represented by the general formula CHX3, where X is a halogen atom, are called