Science Biology MCQ-255

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Photosynthesis is a biochemical process for the transfer of solar energy to


Apical dominance in higher plants is due to


Fruits of this plant are found underground:


Neem tree has acquired industrial importance as a source of


The important feature of shifting cultivation is


An example for polygamous flowers is


Which one of the following is a useful functional association between fungi and the roots of higher plants?


What is the use of crescograph?


Which plants make their own food?


Which tree does not shed its leaves?


Which one of the following plant roots is also used for food?


Which is the plant in which the seeds grow without ovary?


Which is the most nutritive fruit?


Which one of the following materials is used for the wall of a plant cell?


Fern belongs to


Who discovered the plant cell?


Which plant sheds its branches?


Who was the father of Taxonomy?


Which is the plant that stores food in its leaves?


Which tree is useful for making nathaswaram instrument?


Which is the only tree that grows in salt water?


Double fertilisation in angiosperms results in


What is the temperature required for a seed to grow?


Where was tomato cultivated for the first time in the world?


The site of photosynthesis is