Science Biology MCQ-258

General Science-Botany Questions for MPPSC,SSC,UPPSC,CDS,NDA,UPPSC Exams

Binomial system of naming the plants was introduced by


Which of the following statements in regard to respiration and photosynthesis in plants is correct?


What role does chlorophyll perform in the process of photosynthesis?


Who, among the following scientists, is associated with the hybridisation of garden pea?


In water hyacinth, the swollen petiole helps it in


The one which does not belong to underground stem vegetable is


The plant used as a diuretic and in treating jaundice is


Plants are killed in winter by frost


Deforestation has an alarming effect on


The stem of water plants usually have


Artificial light can


The food in onion is stored in the form of


Bacterial action changes dead leaves into


Most of the red, blue and purple colours of plants are due to a pigment called


When a cross is made between offspring and its parent, it is known as


For which of the following is calcium necessary for the proper growth of plants?


The first step in photosynthesis is the


Usually when tomatoes are plucked they are green. They become red later because the


All of the following are constituents of chlorophyll molecules, except


Which one of the following chemicals is best suited for weed control?


Climbing plants are sometimes referred to by the general term


Which one of the following is a ”man-made” cereal not found in nature?


Edible part of tomato is


The oily coat on the surface of leaves of water-lily helps them in


Which one of the following chemicals is directly responsible for the shedding of a leaf, flower or fruit from a plant?