Science Biology MCQ-248

General Science-Biology objective Quiz for SSC, UPSC, UPPSC, NDA, JPSC, CivilsPrelims, RBI, CDS Exams

Osmosis Involves


Which one is semi permeable


Root hair absorb water from soil when


A cell placed in strong salt solution will shrink because


Osmosis is Defined as


A cell placed in strong salt solution will shrink because


A cell shrink when it is placed in


A cell increases in volume if the external medium is


Raisins placed in water swell up due to


Seeds swell when it is placed in water due to


During rainy seasons door made up of wood swell up due to –


Excessive supply of chemical fertilizer often causes death of crop plant due to


In Plant water is transported through


Water available in soil for the root of Plant is


When concentration of solutes is low in the soil, absorption of water is


Plant cell kept in hypertonic solution will get


In biological system, the term osmosis involves the diffusion of


The membrane that allow some of solute molecules to pass through it and prevent others is called


The selectively permeable membrane of the cell is


The process in which loss of water occurs in the form of water vapour through aerial part of plant is


The maximum loss of water in transpiration is from


Transpiration is high under


The loss of water in the form of water drops is called


Transpiration help in


Minute pore found on the soft aerial part of plant especially the leaves are called ?