Science Biology MCQ-254

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Which of the following groups of nutrients provide energy in the diet?


_____ is the simple sugar that cells use as a major energy source,


Which of the following statements are NOT true of micronutrients?


The nutrient that makes up the largest component in foods and the human body is


Which nutrient class is used to build body tissues and make enzymes?


Which is the correct definition of the term organic?


Which of the following is/are NOT inorganic?


A well-balanced diet includes all of the following EXCEPT


Found in dairy products such as yogurt, _______ are a functional food and may support intestinal health.


Which of the following should not be given to infants younger than one year of age because of the risk of botulism?


The storage form of glucose in plants is——


The enzyme that begins the digestion of carbohydrates is called


Both fat and are important sources of stored energy.


Too much sugar in the diet can increase the blood level of _____, the primary form of fat in your body.


_____ make glucose in a process called photosynthesis,


People with a deficiency of the enzyme lactase cannot properly digest


The physical need for food is


The process that converts whole foods into simple nutrients is called


A diet low in _____ fat and trans fat can reduce your risk of heart disease.


During which process are trans fats created?


Lipids that are liquid at room temperature are called _____.


Lipids contain all the following molecules EXCEPT


A diet high in _______ and low in calcium may lead to osteoporosis.


The biggest risk for vegetarians is not consuming enough vitamin


Proteins help increase_, the feeling of fullness, after a meal more than either .carbohydrate or fat