Science Biology MCQ-241

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Viruses are made up of


What is SARS


Infectious disease small pox is caused due to


Which one of following disease is caused by virus ?


Foot and mouth disease in animal is caused by


Mosaic disease of tobacco is caused due to


Anthrax is caused by


Which is the cause of Anthex disease ?


The bacteria which convert nitrites to nitrates is


Archae bacteria are


Bacteria do not possess


During rainy season, the ground becomes slippery due to dense growth of


Bacteria which commonly lives in the intestine human


Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiment as


In bacteria plasmid is


Cell wall of Algae is made up of


Which one of symbiotic algae is found in secretary cell of hydra


Sargasso sea is named due to


Kelps are


Iodine is obtain from


Sea known as Sargasso is due to


Which of these algae is very rich in protein


Which of the following is autotrophic ?


Which of the following is used as bio fertilizer in the production of crop paddy


Which of the following unicellular algae are used as source of oxygen in space research ?