Science Biology MCQ-163

General Science-Biology MCQ test for UPSC, CDS, JPSC, UPPSC, NDA, CivilsPrelims, SSC, RBI Exams

Which one of the following processes take place in lakes during eutrophication ?


Consider the following statements


Which one of the following is a fungus ?


Which one of the following plants yields bio diesel or bio fuel ?


Math List -I (modified stem) with List-II (example)and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists ?

List-I (Modified stem)— List-II (Example)

A. Rhizome 1.Onion
B. Tuber 2.Ginger
C. Bulb 3.Potato




Consider the following plant ?

(1) Guava
(2) Mint
(3) Sweet potato

The roots of which of these plants bear adventitious buds that developed into new individuals under favourable conditions.


Tissue which is responsible for the secondary growth


Cork is obtained from


Food prepared by plant is transported to different part of plant through


Water and mineral in plant is transported through


Age of tree is estimated by


Aerenchyma tissues are found in


Vellamen tissue in orchids are found in


Trunk of tree increases in girth due to cell division in


Transverse section of an old tree stem show fifty annual ring. The age of tree will be


Hydrophytes float on the water surface due to presence of


Apical Mesristmatic tissue is responsible for


Number of stomata is less and sunkin in


Function of vellomen is


Lateral meristem is responsible for


Living member of phloem tissue is


Bark includes


In tree, the growth ring represent


Procambium situated just behind the apical meristem, give rise to


The cell wall of xylem cells is rich in