Science Biology MCQ-233

General Science-Biology MCQ Quiz for SSC, UPSC, RBI, CDS, NDA, JPSC, UPPSC, CivilsPrelims Exams

In man skin is thickest on


Lacryrrtal gland secret


In old age skin became wrinkled due to


Longest cell found in the body of human


Transmission of stimuli from one part of body to other part takes place through


Ligament connect


Hump of camel is made up of


Obesity of person is due to excess of


Which of the following is an example of tissue


Most cells are found in-


Haversian canal are found in


Lymph Contains


Histamines are secreted by


Which of the following is the contractile protein of muscle?


Lung is covered by a membrane called


Life span of WBC is approximately


Tendon connect


Mammalian tissue having the least power of regeneration is


Urinary bladder is lined with


Teeth is mainly made up of


Crown of teeth is made up of


Death of tissue or cell inside living body is


Collagen is


Inner lining of gut and stomach is made of


Bone forming cells are