Science Biology MCQ-242

General Science-Biology MCQ Quiz for CDS, MPPSC, RRB, SSC, NDA, PSU, UPSC, DelhiPolice Exams

When the right ventricle in the human heart contracts, the blood moves to


When there is a delay in the germination of seed, it may be due to


When we eat cauliflower we consume


When White-flowered F plants were crossed to pure red-flowered plants, the progeny had all plants


Which one of the following are colonial in habit?


Which are the three top jute producers in the world in descending order of production?


Which base is present in RNA but not in DNA?


Which factor would contribute the most to increasing the rate of water movement upwards in the xylem?


Which gland in the human body is called the master gland?


Which hormone is responsible for apical growth?


Which is excreted through human skin?


Which is not a warming signal of cancer?


Which is regarded as a link between the living and the non-living?


Which is the correct chronological order?
A. Mendel’s laws of inheritance
B. Darwin’s theory of evolution
C. Blood circulation by Harvey
D. De Vrie’s theory of mutation


Which is the most fast-spreading disease?


Which is the principal cation in the plasma of the blood?


Which of the following is correct chronological order for enzyme activity of some enzymes taking part in protein digestion?


Which of the following are all fat soluble vitamins?


Which of the following are considered causative agents of cancer?


Which of the following are mostly woody trees, always perennials, and never herbs or annuals?


Which of the following are not involved in | the process of breathing in humans?


Which of the following are prokaryotic plants?


Which of the following are required in minute amounts in metabolic reactions of all living organisms and are not used up or changed at the end of the reaction?


Which of the following bones is not found in man?


Which of the following branches of science is concerned with the study of relationship of plants to their environment?