Science Biology MCQ-249

General Science-Biology MCQ Quiz for DelhiPolice, NDA, CDS, SSC, RRB, PSU, MPPSC, UPSC Exams

Study of mycology is related with


Taxonomic study includes


Test-tube baby means


The ‘greenhouse effect’ is due to increase in


The alimentary canal is usually longer in


The artificial kidney operates on the principle of


The available source of energy in all living cells are the molecules of


The average heart beat per minute in a normal man is


The banana plant is


The base sequence of the DNA molecules determines


The basic building blocks of proteins are


The basic structure of cell membranes


The basic unit of all living organisms is


The BCG vaccine is used to produce immunity against


The biotic relationship between insects and plants with reference to pollination is called


The botanical name of bajra is


The cactus is a modified form of


The carbon dioxide and oxygen in nature are balanced by two life processes called


Cornea transplantation has become common I due to


Vaccine is a


The cavity of Ascaris is known as


The centre for regulation of food intake in man is located in the


The chief function of semi-circular canal in the internal ear is to


The chromosome number is reduced to half in


The commonest and smallest type of leucocyte in a healthy adult man is