Science Biology MCQ-103

General Science-Biology Model Questions for JPSC, CivilsPrelims, UPSC, CDS, SSC, UPPSC, RBI, NDA Exams

Which of the following cell organelles play the most significant rule in protein synthesis


Assertion (A): Scientists can cut a part and paste together DNA molecules at will, regardless of the source of molecules.
Reason (R) : DNA fragments can be manipulated using restriction end nucleases and DNA legacy.


The cellular and molecular control of programmed cell death is known as


With reference to the latest developments in stem cell research consider the following statements


The term cell was first coined by


Plant cells are generally without


True nucleus is absent in


Which of the following is present both in plant and animal ?


In absence of ribosome in cell which of the following function does not takes place


The longest cell in human body is


Nuclear envelope is absent in


Nuclebid is present in


Cell theory was put forward by


Nucleus was discovered by


Which one of the following is known as power house of cell ?


Which one of following is largest cell organelles ?


The outermost covering of plant cell is


Net work of membranous irregular tubules found in cell cytoplasm is called


Site of protein synthesis in a cell is


Which of the following organelles found only in plant cell?


Site of cellular respiration is


Leucoplast found in mainly


Attractive colour of flower and seed is due to


Green colour of leaves is due to


Sucidal bag of cell is