Science Biology MCQ-261

General Science-Biology objective Quiz for JPSC, CivilsPrelims, UPPSC, RBI, NDA, CDS, UPSC, SSC Exams

Streptomycin is first obtained by


Tikka disease occur in


Red rot of sugar cane occur due


Streptomycin is obtained from


Yeast is used in bakery in the preparation of bread because


The disease Athlete foot is caused by


Which of the folio wing fungi make symbiotic relationship with the root of higher plant


Aflatoxin is a


Fungi used in the preparation of bread


Lichens are constituted by


Lichens are indicator of


Litmus paper used in laboratory obtained from


In lichen symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae is called


Lichen which grow on the bark of tree


Lichen which grow on stones are called


In, Japan which of the lichen is used as vegetable


Medicine for epilepsy is obtain from which of the following lichen


Which one of the following is amphibious in plant kingdom


In which of the following Rhizoids are present ?


Bryophytes includes


Azola is a


Spores of which of the following is used as medicine


Which of the following is used as bio-fertilizer


Largest number of chromosome is found in


Which of the following group of plant produce naked seed